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Brienne, The Hound, and Other Game of Thrones Characters Who Deserve a Satisfying Ending

Everyone is dying to know when the whole of Westeros will learn the identity of the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms—and whether they’ll survive long enough to do anything about it—but Game of Thrones isn’t just about the big players for the Iron Throne. Along with tuning in to find out if the Night King will be defeated (please let him be defeated!) I can’t wait to find out what will happen to all the other characters who have been with us for the better part of seven (almost eight!) seasons. Will Podrick finally become a proper knight? Will Tormund succeed in wooing Brienne? Will Hot Pie become the Royal Baker for the last monarch left standing?

Here are my Season Eight hopes for the characters who have supported our heroes on their journeys, and have often been heroes in their own right…

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Solving the Riddle of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn

Some books are mysteries and some books are ballads. Some are manifestos, or how-tos, some are dear-god-do-not-dos. Brandon Sanderson’s books are puzzles: well-crafted, meticulously put together, and very satisfying to finish.

Not that I am saying they are only puzzles: they contain mystery and romance, action and suspense, but he does have a unique narrative style. Take his second novel, Mistborn. It opens on a mystery, leaves a trail of puzzle pieces, and in the end we are able to form a full picture that is nothing like we expected.

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