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Jack Womack

Five Stories with Unexplained Fortean Phenomena

Some are aware, some aren’t, that rather than coming up through traditional fan circles I sort of fell into science fiction by way of the backstage trap door. Growing up, ergo, I read neither the majors nor the minors, although I did see most of the movies (not a plus in my favor, twenty-six years ago) and always liked ghost stories.

My own private sense of wonder, however, arose from constant perusal of what Charles Fort called the Data—which in most instances actually weren’t, but which provided constant food for theory and thought; later, key source material for consideration of the permanent incomprehensibility of the human mind. Books from which I learned key lessons in life: don’t always trust your own eyes, weigh the evidence, bring no prejudices to the examination, get a second opinion. How to be a Fortean, in other words.

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Series: Five Books About…

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