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Mummies: Out of the Casket, Into The Streets

On the East Coast, they are known as “sepia zombies”and on the West Coast they are “dusters”, but wherever there is cosplay, they are present. Mummies have sprung out of the casket and even now are a source of excitement in the science fiction community. Spring brings the release of Cerements,the anthology that is said to define modern mummy writings.

[Mummies, for now, are having their moment in the sun.]

The Sweet Scent of Lurking Fear: Elizabeth Barrial, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and H.P. Lovecraft

It’s Yule in the Miskatonic Valley and Elizabeth Barrial wants you to experience it all from the Adoration of the Mi-Go to Mother Shub’s Pfancy Pfeffernusse with a chuckle, a shiver of fear and a delectable scent. What goes better with the holidays than peace, joy and Lovecraft?

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs is one of the most notable perfumers for the fantastically inclined and has a line of Lovecraft scents named A Picnic In Arkham. Barrial, however, has extended their corner of the Mythos into wonderful areas such as the Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association, a collection which introduced Black Phoenix fans to their own little corner of the mythos, complete with four junior baseball leagues. This combination of the domestic and the horrific was a huge hit with collectors and fans and currently remains one of only a few such Mythos fusions.

For the holidays, the Miskatonic Valley adventure has extended into limited edition scents in a collection called The Miskatonic Valley Yuletide Faire that capture all the fun, frippery and nameless horror of Yule in Lovecraft’s world. As interstitial art, Barrial has also worked in Mythos holiday scents in tribute to the Los Angeles horror bookstore Dark Delicacies, which now has its own deliciously scented branch in the Miskatonic Valley.

[Sit down and enjoy a chat about how to bottle Lovecraft, how to love Shub-Niggurath and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s own corner of the Mythos, the Miskatonic Valley.]

Series: December Belongs To Cthulhu

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