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Read an Excerpt From Ashes of Gold, the Conclusion to Wings of Ebony

Rue has no memory of how she ended up locked in a basement prison without her magic or her allies. But she’s a girl from the East Row. And girls from the East Row don’t give up. Girls from the East Row pick themselves back up when they fall. Girls from the East Row break themselves out…

We’re thrilled to share an excerpt from Ashes of Gold, the conclusion of the Wings of Ebony duology by J. Elle—available January 11th from Denene Millner Books.

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My Ride or Die: Fantasy Heroines That Fight Systems of Oppression

For me, characters are the gateway to a great story, pulling me into their headspace, compelling me to see the world through their eyes, empathize with their plight, and root for them to win. And while I fall in love with all sorts of characters, those that have an extra sweet spot are heroines fighting oppression. Be it taking on the system or battling a product of systemic oppression, I love that gut-wrenching angst when a character is up against impossible odds and burn with a fire to succeed anyway. From Katniss to Laia, to my own protagonist in Wings of Ebony: Rue, I’m going to ride or die with any hero or heroine who doesn’t back down, while learning a bit about themselves along the way.

If that’s you, too, you have to add these these five books to your TBR, now!

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Series: Five Books About…

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