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Ian Martínez Cassmeyer

What to Expect if You Find Yourself in a V.E. Schwab Novel

Say you’re with your sibling, lounging next to a little brook beneath the boughs of a willow tree, like Alice before Wonderland. Like Alice, due to your sibling’s droning on about a subject you couldn’t care less about, you eventually lapse into sleep.

Upon awakening, you suddenly find yourself in an unknown landscape; unlike Alice, the landscape isn’t Wonderland. Instead, it’s a world resembling those V.E. Schwab masterfully depicts in her own fantastical tales. Not only that, but you’ve been transported to this imaginative realm to play the part of the protagonist in the next tale which she is crafting.

How can you be sure, though? And what can you expect? (Cue the Twilight Zone theme).

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