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Heroes and Heartbreakers

Triangles and Missed Angles: Favorite Vampire Diaries Couples


Damon/Elena/Stefan: [highlight for spoilers]  “Elena kissed Stefan” was a global Twitter trend last night . [highlight for spoilers] Do we take that to mean the majority of fans are Team Delena? We’re very curious to see where both Stelena and Delena go next season after the events of last night’s TVD season finale—any guesses?

Damon/Katherine/Stefan: After spending the season convincing Damon she only wanted Stefan ever, [highlight for spoilers] Katherine’s now tossing out, as she leaves for who-knows-where, that she loved both brothers. But she uses “did” in the past tense. Will she join Klaus’ roadshow to stay close to Bad Stefan? Does it even count if Bad Stefan takes comfort with her? [highlight for spoilers] I see that as a possibility, but Damon’s keening for K. seems to have cooled as his passion for Elena has increased. Has this triangle turned into a line segment?

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