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Henry Hoke

Mac and Me (and Me)

All most people know of Mac and Me is a 15-second clip.

Viewed in full, this 1988 E.T. knockoff is justifiably considered one of most abysmal cinematic travesties ever made. The following is not a critical re-appraisal. At least I hope not. But it was once an important film for me, very dear to my heart. Why?

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I Sold My Soul to Arcade Satan for the YA Horror Novel Game Over

Welcome to Close Reads! In this new series, Leah Schnelbach and their guests will dig into the tiny, weird moments of pop culture—from books to theme songs to viral internet hits—that have burrowed into our minds, found rent-stabilized apartments, started community gardens, and refused to be forced out by corporate interests.

This time out, author Henry Hoke recalls a chance encounter with The Devil—not at a crossroads, but in the pages of a suspiciously moralistic paperback.

The Waldenbooks at Fashion Square Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia was my personal portal to Hell.

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Series: Close Reads

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