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Hafsah Faizal

Five YA Fantasy Books Where Enemies Become Lovers

Ah, enemies to lovers. Only the most natural romantic arc in the history of romantic arcs. There’s nothing quite like wanting to kill—I mean kiss—the person you absolutely, remarkably, enthusiastically, vehemently, most ardently hate—I mean love—now, is there?

It’s no secret that we’re drawn to this age-old trope, which is, strangely enough, excruciatingly more delicious in a fantasy setting. Is it the angst? The slow burn? The conflict that forces our lovers to break down barriers and stubborn mentalities? The way it creates tantalizing, heedless pining that could sometimes be mistaken as rage and vice versa? Or is it, like many things in fantasy, the way it exaggerates, in this case, yearning and desire?

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Series: Five Books About…

Finding Yourself Through Fantasy and Culture

It’s always a funny thing when an author says they’ve been writing ever since they could hold a pencil, or that they’ve always adored books.

Because I, someone who now lives and breathes in the literary world, hated both.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like to read, it had more to do with the question of why read when I could be climbing our rickety treehouse and creating adventures of my own? Now, older and wiser—but still not wise enough—I’ve had some time to ruminate upon my peculiar existence, and I like to think I’ve puzzled out an answer.

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