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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Does The Geek’s Guide to Dating Work on a Real Date?

, || Finding someone to date shouldn't be like trying to party up in an MMORPG: running around, repeatedly spamming chat channels for a group, and anxiously seeking a random encounter. (Random casual encounters are for Craigslist. This isn't that kind of book.) No, seeking out Player Two is more like an old-school RPG: a gradual progression that, with the right walkthrough, becomes much, much easier.

Five Books in Which Giant Insects Ruin Everyone’s Day

In this ongoing series, we ask SF/F authors to recommend five books based around a common theme. These lists aren’t intended to be exhaustive, so we hope you’ll discuss and add your own suggestions in the comments!

There’s something about insects in literature that make them the perfect monster. It doesn’t matter how they’re written. They can be small and deadly, or gigantic and misunderstood. They can be acting on instinct or driven by hyper-intelligence. Whatever the case, they’re perfect because up close, insects can look delightfully alien, with their multitude of legs, assortment of eyes, segmented bodies, and exoskeletons.

Also because ew. Bugs.


Series: Five Books About…

Does The Geek’s Guide to Dating Work on a Real Date?

If you’ve been looking at or anywhere around the general geekosphere in the last couple of months then you’ve probably caught sight of The Geek’s Guide to Dating, a new how-to book by Eric Smith, coming out on December 3 from Quirk Books.

We’ve gotten a chance to read the book and absorb the lessons it imparts, and while those same lessons are straightforward and admirably presented without shaming, or pigeonholing, we couldn’t help but wonder…how do they work in the field?

To find out, our production manager Chris Lough went on a date with the author himself! Read on to see what advice he followed, what advice he didn’t, and how it all ended up.

[The Geek’s Guide to Dating dates geekily]

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