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Eric Pesola

Fandom and the Future of Star Trek

The incredible multi-media phenomenon known as Star Trek has been around for over half a century. And in that time, the creators and fans of the franchise have weathered change and all manner of updates necessary for the show to maintain its relevance, reinventing itself again and again across television, movies, comics, novels, and even in games.

The franchise currently includes thirteen motion pictures, eight television series (with two more in development), and two animated series (with one on the way). No other franchise can hang its hat on such wide-ranging, consistent success…arguably not even Star Wars, with a measly eleven motion pictures, three live-action shows, four animated series, and (of course) one Holiday Special.

Since 2009, however, when the J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek debuted, initiating what’s known as the Kelvin timeline, a vocal segment of the existing fandom have insisted that more recent versions of Star Trek are not “real Star Trek,” complaining that these newer movies and shows do not fit into their conception of what the franchise should be.

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