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Eileen Rothschild

Young Adult Paranormal Book Giveaway, Courtesy of!

Have you heard of a little book called Twilight? It’s written by an unknown author by the name of Stephenie Meyer, I think there are a few books in the series and they’ve been moderately successful…

Ahh, who am I kidding I devoured all four right along with the masses. But love or hate those sparkly vampires, one thing is certain, young adult paranormal romance is hot hot hot right now and does not appear to be cooling off any time soon. Throw teenagers, first love, a quest for an impossible dream and werewolves/vampires/fairies/witches/zombies (one, all or any combination of) together and voila you have a recipe that has proven successful again and again and…well you get the point.

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Series: Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Month

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