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Dylan Meconis

Drawing Your Way Into Bordertown

I’ll be honest: I have no idea what I’m doing here.

This puts me in the same position as a lot of the characters in the stories from the Welcome to Bordertown anthology. They show up at this fantastic place—already full of people leading lives crazy with context—and have to figure out, quickly, where they fit in.

Just like in the book, I’m not the only dork in new shoes scooting up to the bar at the Dancing Ferret for my free pint. I do have one distinction (or is it a liability? My mom says it’s a distinction)—I’m the only one in the book who drew a story. My normal gig is writing and drawing Family Man, a graphic novel set in a bucolic 18th century German university. Urban fantasy prose? Not so much.

My writer (and good friend) Sara Ryan guided me through the streets of Bordertown, laying down the bones for Fair Trade, a story that felt like a walking tour given by a longtime local. But trying to capture the look and feel of a place that countless readers had visited in their minds? Without pissing too many of them off? That was my problem.

So, starting with Sara’s script, here’s how I found my way into Bordertown; or, at least, one page of Bordertown. Process nerds: engage!

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