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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

This all happened so fast

Earlier this year, I wrote to my friend and hero Norman Spinrad to ask if we could get together for some Chinese food while I was visiting New York. We’d sat around a table a few years back with our ladies and talked of living abroad, his and Dona’s globe-trotting experiences in the past, ours still in the future, me licking Norman and Dona’s wealth of experiences off my fingers along with the oyster sauce. Norman was frustrated by American publishers at the time, getting more love from houses in France; his recent book He Walked Among Us finally saw print in English (the language it was written in) a few months ago, several years after its French translation published. They talked of giving up their West Village apt and relocating permanently to Paris.

So, from my new home in São Paulo, I wrote to Norman once our tickets were booked to make sure we’d be in the city at the same time to noodle together. I wasn’t even sure if he and Dona were still technically New Yorkers. Norman said he had a book tour in Europe but would be in the city during our stay and we promised to firm up plans once I landed in New York.

[The best laid plans…]

Yes We Will

In anticipation of tomorrow’s presidential inaugural, Dan Goldman extrapolates a psychedelic, science-fictional scenario from a catchy campaign slogan and the millenial apocalyptic notions of pre-columbian astronomers.

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