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Top Ten Horror-Sci-Fi Films: A Primer And Pseudo-History

Horror and science fiction make great bedfellows. Both present us with monsters of mismatched body parts, sickening size, and/or unknown origins. Both deal with experimentation gone awry and the folly of mankind—the fatal mistakes of individuals mad with power or inflicted with a hubris they recognize all too late. Horror doesn’t necessarily have to be scientific in nature (and is often supernatural, beyond the explanations of science); likewise, science fiction doesn’t have to be scary in a cautionary sense. But when you fuse those elements together, you get a genre all its own—horror-sci-fi. And man, what a genre it is, particularly in the realm of movies. You’ll find some of the greatest examples of both horror and science fiction lingering in its confines—or, if you prefer to strip out all genre considerations, simply some of the best narrative fiction ever committed to film.

Let’s take a look at some of the hallmark titles of the horror-sci-fi genre. Of course, this list is in no way exhaustive, and many “lesser-known” movies will be sorely missed here (that’s why we have the comments section). Consider this more of a primer for the uninitiated, a starting place for anyone interested in traveling to the crossroads where horror and science fiction meet.

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