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The Five Best Read-Aloud Books for Grown-Ups

“Wait, are Snape and Voldemort brothers?!”

This was my girlfriend last week.

I’m reading the Harry Potter series out loud to her (she’s never read the books or seen the movies(!)), and like most people, we’ve given extra chapters preferential treatment over parties, outdoor activities, and in the most gripping sections, bathing ourselves.

It is the best kind of book club. Not only are we sure everyone’s caught up, but we get to construct the world together in the spaces between us. We breathe life into the castle, discuss the characters’ moral decisions, make embarrassingly inaccurate predictions, and argue about magic’s real world applications. (We’ve yet to discover a prophecy that says a certain presidential candidate must die if we live.)

We never want this experience to end, but, alas, we’ve just started the seventh book.

So. Where to next?

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Series: Five Books About…

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