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Cassidy Rae Proctor

10 Most Relatable Characters in the Twilight Movies Ranked by a Person Who Finally Just Saw Twilight

“What do you mean you’ve never watched Twilight?”

It was early 2021. My roommate and I were in the midst of another lockdown, and had reached the point of the work day where we both came down from sitting in our rooms/work-from-home offices to sit in the living room for a change of scenery.

“I don’t know; it wasn’t on purpose! I saw one of them in theatres like ten years ago, and I think I’ve seen most of the first one? I don’t really remember.”

My roommate had heard enough. No longer was I going to be permitted to exist within the same walls with such a horrifying lack of cultural awareness. We were millennials, dammit, and I had the audacity to not know anything about Twilight?

Evenings for the following week fell into a schedule: finish work, make dinner, and pull up the Twilight movies on Netflix. My Netflix recommendations stopped showing the familiar questionable sci-fi, fantasy, and anything in which a man decides a sword is a good substitute for having to confront his feelings, replaced algorithmically with more supernatural content and circa-2010 romances as I was treated to the most incredible ride I could have hoped for.

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