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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

5 Books About Telepathy

As a reader, I really enjoy books that employ telepathy in some form. I mean, as a kid, who hasn’t imagined themselves talking to someone with their freaking mind? Naturally, as I grew older, I consumed more books, TV shows, and movies, and was exposed to new, subtler forms of telepathic communication. I gamed a lot, too. Plenty of tabletop stuff, but also a ton of RPGs, some of which had rules and character classes built around telepathic powers. (Shout out to my fellow Rolemaster/Space Master GMs!) Half the fun of consuming that type of media and playing those types of games was seeing (and even experiencing through the RPGs) the ingenious ways telepathy was employed.

Speaking as a writer, telepathy can be a real siren song. Writing a story with characters a continent apart? It can be really tempting to introduce telepathic communication of some sort to bridge that gap. Otherwise, it’s what? Months of travel by horse? Message by raven? I don’t mean to imply my books are chock full of telepaths—they aren’t—but I’ve definitely succumbed to the siren’s call from time to time.

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