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Brandon O'Brien

“Fun” Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum — Why Context Always Matters

I want to open with certain unavoidable caveats, just in case anyone leaps first to any assumptions about what’s being said here. No one is saying you can’t have fun.

Let’s make that damned clear.

No one is saying you can’t have fun. In fact, we’re saying you must have fun. Have fun! That’s an order, Ensign!

But fun is… a thornier thing, all the time, beyond just whether or not you are having it.

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Dialect in SFF: What Does the Future Sound Like?

You know what I will always remember? “Schway”.

You remember “schway”, right? That hip futuristic slang from Batman Beyond? Schway, adjective, ‘fashionable, popular, cool, or good’.

Can anyone tell you where ‘schway’ comes from? As in, what its etymology is in that universe, how it grew in popularity there, what about the word stands out as interesting to that world’s young people?

Because I can’t lie to you—‘schway’ almost made me hate Batman Beyond.

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