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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Those Who Hunt the Night (Excerpt)

, || Once a spy for Queen Victoria, James Asher has fought for Britain on every continent, using his quick wits to protect the Empire at all costs. After years of grueling service, he marries and retires to a simple academic's life at Oxford. But his peace is shattered one night with the arrival of a Spanish vampire named Don Simon. Don Simon can disappear into fog, move faster than the eye can see, and immobilize Asher—and his young bride—with a wave of his hand. Asher is at his mercy, and has no choice but to give his help. Because someone is killing the vampires of London, and James Asher must find out who—before he becomes a victim himself.

Going Digital

Someone asked me the other day what it feels like, to see all my “old stuff” reappearing, at long last, in digital. And I had to smile, because to me it doesn’t feel like “old stuff.”

In fact, of course, I’m delighted that people still want to read them; that the characters, and the places, still have for others the same attraction that they still have for me. I’ve lived with these people for a long time, and I love them very much. (Well, maybe not Benjamin January’s frightful mother so much, or the evil Bishop Govannin….)

Oddly, I feel like I came back to fantasy a year and a half ago, when I started writing short stories about the character-sets from those old Del Rey fantasies, and selling them on my website, long before discussions of digitizing the original series’ was even thought of. To do those, I went back and re-read the Darwath series, the Windrose Chronicles, and Dragonsbane and its sequels, and was pleased to see how true the characters still feel to me.

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Those Who Hunt the Night (Excerpt)

Please enjoy this introduction and excerpt of Those Who Hunt the Night, the first of the James Asher novels by Barbara Hambly, now available as an ebook from Open Road Integrated Media.


An introduction by Barbara Hambly:

It’s funny, I remember exactly the afternoon when I got the idea of Those Who Hunt the Night. I was leaving for a science fiction convention in Seattle with my then-sweetheart, Allan the Nicest Man In The World; I was at his house waiting for him to get home from work, I lay down on the couch to take a nap, and I thought, “If someone was murdering vampires in their lairs during the daytime, they’d have to hire a Day Man to do the investigation. And they’d have to kill him afterwards.” And then, “If he was smart enough for them to need his help, he’d be smart enough to know what they intended to do.”

The whole book unspooled itself from there. How WOULD vampires relate to their Day Man? And how would the vampires who didn’t want to hire one in the first place react?

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