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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Dead Space: Martyr (Excerpt)

, || We have seen the future. A universe cursed with life after death. It all started deep beneath the Yucatan peninsula, where an archaeological discovery took us into a new age, bringing us face-to-face with our origins and destiny. Michael Altman had a theory no one would hear. It cursed our world for centuries to come. This, at last, is his story.

Dead Space: Martyr (Excerpt)

Just picked up the new Dead Space 2 game from Electronic Arts? Need a little more Dead Space in your life? We hope you enjoy this excerpt from Dead Space: Martyr, a tie-in novel from Tor Books.


Chapter 1

Chava woke up earlier than usual that day, just before the sun rose. His mother and sister were still asleep. His father was gone, traveling again. When the boy asked him where he went, he was always evasive, and Chava had learned not to ask further. He took a ladleful of water from the bucket and drank it, careful not to wake his sister. He poured another into the basin and washed his face and hands and arms before quietly slopping the rest onto the dirt floor.

[He was still sleepy…]

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