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Arthur Morgan

Les Vaporistes, Steampunk in France

Needless to say, steampunk is heavily influenced by Victorian aesthetics. Top or bowler hats, frock coats, London fog, and so on are unmistakable steampunk characteristics. While the steampunk community is talking wildly about places outside of Victorian England, trying to find in far lands a way to nurture the movement, we sometimes forget that steampunk is also born in the hands of people like Jules Verne, Albert Robida, and others who shared their vision of the future.

Somehow, we can say that steampunk was also born in France. But is there any French steampunk? My answer is yes, and a lot of its richness is available to people outside the Francophone world.

[Bienvenue, mes amis!]

Series: Steampunk Week 2012