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Steampunk Appreciations: Kady Cross’s The Girl in the Steel Corset – Gadgets, Gears and Grease

The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross (already available by Harlequin Teen) is an engaging steampunk novel that thrills with adventure, danger, organites, and of course, automatons.

I discovered the steampunk genre a few years ago when I first attended New York Comic Con and I’ve been thoroughly captivated by it ever since. I won’t even attempt to define such a complex genre, but there are many attributes of this science fiction sub-genre that I adore, such as steam or clockwork powered tech, the magic of electricity, gears and gadgets that can do fantastical things, and (let’s not forget) dirigibles.

The Girl in the Steel Corset is the epitome of steampunk to me. A perfect mix of Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the X-Men. Kady Cross paints an enthralling picture of Victorian London, crafting a visceral world filled with dangerous automatons and deadly power struggles.

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Series: Steampunk Week

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