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Andrew King

The Evolution of Horror in The Magnus Archives

My friends know I love a scary story. When The Magnus Archives pulled them into its cosmically horrific orbit, they reached out to me, and we all spiraled into Magnus fandom together. So if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of diving into this podcast, well. Get ready. I’m reaching out to you. Come join us for one hell of a ride.

For those uninitiated with this amazing horror serial, the premise is this: A research institute investigates statements and artifacts of the supernatural. As you listen, you will become familiar with the troubled lives of the institute staff, the nature of the paranormal in the Magnus universe, and a passionate fandom that is ferocious in their love for the show and ferociously inventive in their creativity toward expressing that passion.

There are so many things to love about Magnus, from the delightfully gruesome stories themselves, to the diverse representation and canonized queerness, to the amazing fanart, but what I’m here to talk about is how the horror of the show changes over time. To this end I’ve divided The Magnus Archives into three stages that document how the show continually reinvents itself while staying true to the good stuff at its core that resonates with so many.

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