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Ana Grilo

Book Review: The Poison Throne by Celine Kiernan

THE POISON THRONE is the first book in The Moorehawke Trilogy from debut novelist Celine Kiernan. The first and second books have been out for over a year in Ireland, Australia (and other countries) and are being published by Orbit in the US and UK in April. Set in alternate 15th Century Europe, the trilogy follows protagonist-cum-narrator Wynter Moorehawke as she and her dying father return home after a 5 year absence up North, eager to join up with her two childhood friends, the two brothers Razi and Allberon, only to find a kingdom in the throes of religious and political turmoil. The once kind and enlightened King Jonathon has become a tyrant who opened the doors to the Inquisition, subverting the previous order. Now, the Cats who used to communicate with people have been killed and the Ghosts of the Castle have been declared non-existent. Even more distressing is the political instability as Alberon, the official heir to the throne is nowhere to be seen and his half-brother (and bastard son), Razi has been proclaimed the new heir. The story follows Wynter and her father as well as Razi and his best friend Christopher as they are caught up in the middle of transition.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Book Smugglers’ style of joint book reviews, we write (lengthy) conversational-style analyses of plot and characters. As this is our first post, we could think of no better way to introduce ourselves to the community than to ramble on about a book we have just finished reading.

[The Poison Throne discussion ensues beyond the cut…]