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Amy S. Foster

Five Books With Female Protagonists Who Shoot First and Ask Questions Later

I wrote my novel, The Rift Uprising, with one character in mind: a young woman whom my daughters could look up to—a fiercely intelligent kickass heroine, who is as protective as she is brave. And a little nerdy too.

Ryn, my main character, is that heroine. She’s strong and capable of making split-second decisions about what needs to be done. She does the best she can in whatever situation she finds herself in. I also wanted to create a character who would be unburdened by the guilt that the violence required as part of her job may cause. As a teenage soldier, I needed Ryn to be able to shoot first and ask questions later—to do what needs to be done and handle a crisis when the situation requires it.

I look up to characters like Ryn, and I find myself drawn to books and movies that establish badass ladies in the same type of way. That was why it was so important for me to highlight these types of characters—these warrior women who are just as capable of getting the job done than a man.

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