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Amelia Beamer

Dead Sexy

Why do people want to fuck the dead? I mean, we really ought to know better, but they’re so attractive! Take HBO’s True Blood series. Dead things get to be pretty damn sexy.

Of course, the vampires in True Blood are pretty much always 1) Immortal; 2) Way powerful; and 3) Perpetually attractive and horny. Vampires are classically sexy, both titillating and forbidden. When I think of Bela Lugosi in Dracula, I think of a mysterious and powerful man in a tux.

You don’t see a lot of zombies in tuxes, though. Unlike their vampire brethren, zombies are not immortal—often they die within a few moments of starting their undead life. They’re not powerful; they’re dumb. But there’s no reason why they couldn’t be attractive and horny.

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