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Doctor Who: Half Human or All Time Lord?

This past season, Doctor Who fans have been repeatedly teased about the “Hybrid,” a destructive figure of myth who strikes fear in members of many races and yet has never been mentioned until now. It happens. Several suspects have been brought up across the episodes, including the Doctor himself. The Hybrid is supposed to be the product of “two warrior races” and the Doctor is certainly one who’s been shaped by his experiences and anger towards both the Daleks of Skaro and the Time Lords of Gallifrey. But in the season 9 finale “Hell Bent,” a character suggested the hero may be a literal hybrid, one who repeatedly looks after Earth because one of his parents is actually a human being. So is the Doctor half human?

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Back to the Future: An Annotated Guide to Marty McFly’s Journey

In 1981, director/producer Robert Zemeckis and producer/screenwriter Bob Gale finished the first draft of a movie called Back to the Future for Columbia Pictures. The story was inspired by Gale looking over his father’s high school yearbook and wondering if they would have been friends had they met as teenagers. After Columbia dropped the project, Zemeckis and Gale wrote four new drafts over the next four years, all of which were rejected. The final draft and the involvement of Steven Spielberg as a producer finally resulted in a green light from Universal Pictures, and Back to the Future was released in July, 1985.

The story kicked off when teenager Marty McFly became the first human time traveler on October 26, 1985, and its sequel Back to the Future II featured a journey to October 21, 2015 (which was obviously big news last month when real life finally caught up to the future…) But let’s not forget that Doc Brown actually invented time travel on today’s date, November 5th, back in 1955—the date that Marty travels to on his very first trip in the DeLorean. So why not celebrate with a look at the many references and fun easter eggs that can be found in the original Back to the Future?

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Supergirl: A Brief History of the Last Daughter of Krypton

Next week, Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl, gets her very first self-titled TV series. Airing on CBS, the series stars Melissa Benoist as the Kryptonian hero who protects Earth from super-villains and hostile aliens while dealing with personal drama, occasionally being painted badly by the media, and constant comparisons to her cousin, Superman.

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The Flash and the DC Multiverse: How Did It Start?

Last Tuesday, CW aired its second season premiere of The Flash, starring Grant Gustin as the titular DC Comics hero Barry Allen, a forensics scientist who becomes the fastest man alive. For many comic fans, this episode is major, marking the first time that live-action media is delving into the DC Multiverse (hinted at in the previous season finale) for a major season arc rather than only showing parallel worlds for an episode or two. But for those who haven’t read a lot of DC Comics or are intimidated by its many versions of Earth, don’t worry. Here’s a quick and friendly guide for you on how this multiverse came about and why it’s so fitting that The Flash is taking us there.

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