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Abby Rauscher

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Indie Bookseller Picks: Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, NY

I didn’t read in high school.

I hear this a lot from beleaguered parents who come into my bright little bookstore: my kid doesn’t like to read. I don’t know what happened—they used to love reading, and now they’re 14 and they stopped and I don’t know how to make them start again. It must be hard, I think, to be a parent and to walk into a store that has BOOKS ARE MAGIC emblazoned in pink and black and white on the wall outside, and tell one of its employees that your kid doesn’t like to read anymore. That maybe they never did. But I’ve always been glad that these parents come to me, because I tell them all the same thing: hey, that’s alright. I didn’t read when I was 14 either.

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