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How Much Alcohol Does it Take to Get a Hobbit Drunk?

Hobbits live the good life: they eat all day, they generally work with their hands and enjoy nature (unless they are wealthy and don’t work at all), and they live in an idyllic farmscape full of lush trees, rivers, and green hills. They also consume their fair share of ale in taverns, an ode to the pub culture that J.R.R. Tolkien himself heralded from.

But how much can a hobbit actually drink?

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Star Trek: Discovery Will Introduce First Trans and Non-Binary Characters in Upcoming Season

Fans of Star Trek will be excited to hear about new casting developments for the upcoming season of Star Trek: Discovery—the show will now feature trans and non-binary characters, the first transgender representation in the franchise’s half-century history.

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Project Power Brings the History of Medical Experimentation to the Fore of Superhero Stories

There are plenty of superhero narratives that discuss the possibility of medical experimentation as an origin plot. A hefty portion of Marvel Comics’ roster have powers as a result of various “super soldier” projects that first proved successful with Steve Rogers. But there’s a pointed difference with the origin of Captain America, and his transformation from literal small fry to a man capable of throwing motorcycles and halting helicopters on their launch pads:

He signed up for this.

[Some spoilers for Project Power.]

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