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Reading The Wheel of Time: Taim Tells Lies and Rand Shares His Plan in Winter’s Heart (Part 3)

This week in Reading The Wheel of Time, we’re finishing off “Snow,” the Prologue of Winters Heart—catching up with Toveine and then going to see what Rand and and Min are up to. Everyone’s got big plans right now, and it will be interesting to see whose come to fruition, and whose fizzle out.

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Series: Reading The Wheel of Time

Five Excellent Norse Fiction Books From Indie Publishers

There’s been a notable upsurge in Viking-related releases across all forms of media in recent years, as I’ve previously discussed, specifically regarding retellings of the myths and novels inspired by the sagas. The broader world of original fiction is no exception to that. But even with the significant increase of interest in the subject matter, not all worthy manuscripts are fated to be published by one of the major publishers.

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Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is Michael Waldron’s Problem Now

Marvel is sticking with Michael Waldron. The screenwriter behind Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness—also the guy who created and wrote much of the first season of Loki—now has not one but two more major Marvel movies to write. He was previously tapped to write Avengers: Secret Wars, a bit of news about which we were not particularly enthused. And it seems he’ll also be writing the lead-up to that film: Deadline reports that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is now in Waldron’s hands.

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Read an Excerpt From Yours for the Taking

The year is 2050. Ava and her girlfriend live in what’s left of Brooklyn, and though they love each other, it’s hard to find happiness while the effects of climate change rapidly eclipse their world.

We’re thrilled to share an excerpt from Yours for the Taking by Gabrielle Korn, a science fiction novel of queer love, betrayal, and chosen family, and an unflinching indictment of white, corporate feminism—out from St. Martin’s Press on December 5th.

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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Co-Creators Matt Fraction and Chris Black on That Pivotal Godzilla Scene

The television series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters takes place on two timelines: one in 2015 that takes place between 2014’s Godzilla and 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and one in the 1950s, which shows the origins of the titular Monarch organization, the institution in Legendary’s MonsterVerse responsible for researching the Titans and protecting humanity against them.

The show, which just had its third episode released on Apple TV+, is centered around a family whose lives are intertwined in various ways with Monarch. The 1950s timeline focuses on three of those characters—Keiko (Mari Yamamoto), a young Bill Randa (Anders Holm), and a young Lee Shaw (Wyatt Russell)—who also happen to be the founders of Monarch.

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Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch: “Bound”

Written by Manny Coto
Directed by Allan Kroeker
Season 4, Episode 17
Production episode 093
Original air date: April 15, 2005
Date: December 27, 2154

Captain’s star log. While en route to Berengaria to scout locations for a starbase, an Orion pirate ship intercepts them. The pirate captain, Harrad-Sar, wishes to discuss business with Archer on his ship. Archer, Reed, and two MACOs beam over (Reed expressing great apprehension).

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Series: Star Trek: Enterprise Rewatch

Dangerous, Hopeful Futures: Celebrating the Visionary Stories of Kelley Eskridge

“That’s what people do, they get different together.” (Solitaire, 351)

Kelley Eskridge is not a prolific author, but she has nevertheless produced a body of work remarkable for its subtlety and depth. Eskdrige’s short stories are marvels of character-focused SF, where speculations are explored through the interactions of everyday people. They frequently centre queer characters and explore ideas around gender. Similarly, her lone novel Solitaire (2002), is an underrated and pioneering work of queer cyberpunk that thoughtfully explores the potential uses of VR technology for incarceration.

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The Mermaid in the Tower: Aquamarine

I have a lifelong fondness for soppy kids’ movies. Yes, I like Disney movies, and Disney knockoffs, and kids’ movies, period. My inner editor may be making squawky noises, but I can’t make myself care. I love them anyway.

Not long after Aquamarine first came out, along about 2006, I happened across it on one of the primordial streaming channels. We had satellite TV then. Remember satellite TV?

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Five Books With Highly Imaginative Takes on Prehistoric Existence

You know where you are with stone tools. Or rather, scientists know where their ancestors were with stone tools, because stone tools are sufficiently durable that, with a bit of luck, the tools will outlast the species that made them.

Other technologies are not as considerate. We can only make an educated guess as to when clothing was adopted by comparing head and body lice, which became reproductively isolated from each other when humans started wearing clothes: 70,000 years ago, plus or minus about 40,000 years.

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5 Stories About Embracing Found Family

Some of our favorite SFF protagonists tend to form their own circles, building communities with those that love them for who they are. Around the holidays, these stories offer a gentle reminder that there are many ways to define family, and plenty of reasons to spend time bonding with the people who mean the most to you even if you’re not strictly related.

These five stories celebrate found families and the wonderful, unconventional love they share.

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Matt Fraction Reveals Creating New Titans For Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Was a Family Affair

The latest installment in Legendary MonsterVerse—the Apple TV+ series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters—is more about some complicated multi-generational family issues than Titans like Godzilla. That doesn’t mean, however, that some very large and very deadly creatures don’t make an appearance.

One of those creatures is the tentacle-faced Frost Vark, who we first meet at the end of the third episode where it exacts its terror on a too-warm airplane. The Titan isn’t one we’ve seen before, and we owe its existence, in part, to the young son of the show’s co-creator, Matt Fraction.

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Tim Allen and Tom Hanks May Be On Board for Toy Story 5

In February, Disney announced that another movie in the Toy Story franchise was in development—an inevitable happening, clearly, given that Disney loves nothing so much as it loves making more movies in series, or making more versions of movies it has already made. What wasn’t known at the time was whether it would be Toy Story 5 or another spinoff like Lightyear.

But a hint came this week from original Toy Story star Tim Allen, who said on The Tonight Show that he and Tom Hanks have both been contacted about starring in the next film.

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On a Horse With No Name: Max Gladstone’s Last Exit (Part 9)

Welcome back to Reading the Weird, in which we get girl cooties all over weird fiction, cosmic horror, and Lovecraftiana—from its historical roots through its most recent branches.

This week, we continue Max Gladstone’s Last Exit with Chapters 17-18. The novel was first published in 2022. Spoilers ahead!

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Series: Reading the Weird

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