Netflix Releases First Glimpse of The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher is coming. To help close out its #GeekedWeek, Netflix has shown off an ever-so-short teaser of the upcoming second season of the fantasy TV series.

The streaming service also announced that it’s partnering with CD PROJEKT RED to host a one-day virtual WitcherCon, which is set to take place next month—where we’ll presumably get a longer glimpse at the upcoming season.

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Saoirse Ronan and LaKeith Stanfield Will Star in Garth Davis’s Adaptation of Iain Reid’s Foe

For all her excellent, wide-ranging roles, Saoirse Ronan has not yet been to space. And alas, though she’s set to star in writer-director Garth Davis’s adaptation of Iain Reid’s near future SF novel Foe, she’s still not going to space. That honor goes to Paul Mescal (Normal People), who will play Junior, a man randomly chosen to visit an experimental space station. But his wife, Hen (Ronan), won’t exactly be left alone at home.

Deadline’s piece about the film and the book’s cover copy are both teasingly vague, but it sounds like there’s either a clone or a robot involved.

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The Fragmented Horrors of Josh Malerman’s Goblin

Josh Malerman’s novel Goblin is subtitled “A Novel in Six Novellas,” a definition which may well make the overtly literal skew their heads in confusion. Goblin is also the city in which Goblin is set, and the six stories that comprise the book—seven if you count a framing sequence—offer a kind of portrait of a town from myriad perspectives. (Subtitling the book “A Town in Six Novellas” would have been just as accurate.) Earthling Publications first released this book in 2017; now, with Malerman’s profile significantly higher in the wake of the film adaptation of his novel Bird Box, it’s seeing wider release in a new edition.

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Jo Walton’s Reading List: April and May 2021

I’m sorry I didn’t do a post for April. It’s totally my own fault: I forgot it was May. What even is time? Never could get the hang of Thursdays. By the time people poked me about it, it felt a bit late, and I thought I’d do a combo post for both months together. However, April was a very exciting and busy month, because I got a first vaccine shot, and also I was helping long distance with Ada Palmer’s class papal election, and then May was… well, the snow melted, and as from last Friday we no longer have a curfew, and I may get a second dose of vaccine this week, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

In April and May combined I read a total of 32 books, and some of them were unexpectedly wonderful.

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Apple Has Renewed Jason Mamoa’s See, Season 2 Gets Summer Release

When Apple launched its streaming video service Apple TV+, it did so with a limited library of original content, including a post-apocalyptic series starring Jason Mamoa called See.

Just ahead of its debut in 2019, Apple announced that it had renewed the series for a second season, and last night, dropped a release date and trailer for it, along with word that the series would return for a third season.

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Five SFF Books That Set Sail for Adventure

There’s something comforting about standing in the surf on a beach when your feet sink ankle-deep in the sand and the waves roll in and the saltwater splashes up to your knees. There’s something mysterious about the vast unknown of the sea, how terrifyingly deep it is, and the strange things that lurk beneath the surface. There’s something thrilling about the waves, how they can softly lap against the shore or violently crash against it, how they can gently rock a boat or toss it about depending on their mood.

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Series: Five Books About…

Arrowverse Recap: Heroes Find Problems That They Can’t Just Punch Away

The CW’s robust lineup of DC Comics-based shows—oft dubbed the Arrowverse—can be a lot to keep up with. Join us weekly as Andrew Tejada keeps you current on all that goes on in their corner of TV Land!

The Legends get a crash course in magic, Batwoman goes to war with the crows, The Flash bids farewell to one of their own and Superman & Lois deal with a looming threat above on…

This Week in the Arrowverse! (June 6th-8th)

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The Trailer for Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation Is Hyperactive ’80s Mayhem

Listen. It’s He-Man. This trailer isn’t going to tell you a single thing about the story for Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation, which is not a reboot but a continuation, picking up right where the ’80s cartoon left off—He-Man defending against Skeletor and the forces of evil. It’s not real heavy on dialogue, and it’s kind of going to make your eyeballs bleed.

In other words, it is just as it should be.

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Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Tsunkatse”

Written by Gannon Kenny and Robert J. Doherty
Directed by Mike Vejar
Season 6, Episode 15
Production episode 232
Original air date: February 9, 2000
Stardate: 53447.2

Captain’s log. Voyager is taking shore leave in the Norcadian system. There are many sights and activities and such, but one of the most popular is Tsunkatse, fights in an arena between two aliens. We see Chakotay and Torres in the audience for a fight between a Hirogen and another alien.

[I haven’t overpacked—I simply wish to be prepared for any contingency.]

Series: Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch

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