Understanding and Writing Horses: Training and Instinct

If you run a search on “horse training,” a lot of what will come up will have to do with overcoming the horse’s natural instincts. There’s also quite a bit about dominating him, and being the dominant herd member. But is this really what works, or what is actually happening in the mind of this alien species?

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Enter to Win a Brandon Sanderson / DnD Prize Pack

Calling all Brandon Sanderson fans and DnD enthusiasts! You can now enter to win a swag bundle to celebrate the release of Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson, the latest in the Stormlight Archive. The Rhythm of War Explorer Pack features everything for all your DnD needs, including a dice tray, a beautiful D20, and a copy of Rhythm of War. Enter here by November 16th, 2020 for your chance to win!

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Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “The Raven

“The Raven
Written by Bryan Fuller and Harry Doc. Kloor
Directed by LeVar Burton
Season 4, Episode 6
Production episode 174
Original air date: October 8, 1997
Stardate: unknown

Captain’s log. Janeway has taken Seven to the da Vinci studio on the holodeck, in the hopes of leading her to a relaxing hobby. Sculpting doesn’t work all that well, mostly because she’s bad at it and also doesn’t understand about relaxing, exactly.

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Series: Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch

Announcing the Winners of the the Inaugural Ignyte Awards!

The first-ever winners of the Ignyte Awards were announced at FIYAHCON 2020! FIYAH created the awards to “celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the current and future landscapes of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.” After the FIYAHCON 2020 Committee selected finalists, they let the public vote on who should take home the prizes in each category. Without further ado, here is the full list (winners have been bolded):

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