Reading the Wheel of Time: For Our Next Trick, We Hunt Trollocs in Robert Jordan’s The Shadow Rising (Part 24)

Hello and welcome back to Reading the Wheel of Time. A quick note before we start: I know that I’ve been a bit all over the place with communicating which chapters I’m covering each week. Mostly this is because I’ve fallen behind in my schedule and don’t always know/remember what I’m planning to cover the following week. Or it changes between postings. I am currently working on getting that organization back together, and will make sure to put “this week we’re covering X” at the beginning of each post and “next week we’ll do Y” at the end.

It is a privilege getting to share this experience with you all, and to be part of such a passionate community, especially in these difficult times.

Anyway, this week our read of The Shadow Rising will cover only one chapter, Chapter 33, in which Perrin gets to meet Lord Luc, has some strange conversations with Faile, and steps into a true leadership role. We also get the fun of watching him execute a rescue very similar to the one that Nynaeve, Moiraine, and Lan executed when Perrin and Egwene were prisoners, and the fun of watching Verin be extremely Verin-y.

[Also, Lord Luc is definitely Slayer.]

Series: Reading The Wheel of Time

Sony Delays Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Morbius to March 2021

Ghosts might not worry the Ghostbusters, but the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has Sony worried about its box office returns. The studio has announced that it’s shifting a number of its upcoming films to later dates, including the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Morbius, which were slated to hit theaters this summer. The films will now debut in March 2021.

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“I love thee still.” Highlights From #TorDotRead’s First Discussion of The Goblin Emperor!

The Great Socially Distant Read of The Goblin Emperor kicked off last Wednesday with fantastic results! We shared a vibrant conversation with readers on Twitter, while maintaining a safe and healthy distance. You can look back at the whole discussion (and join this week’s!) at #TorDotReads, and in the meantime, we’ve rounded up some of the highlights of last week’s conversation.

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Sliding From World to World in Andre Norton’s Knave of Dreams

Now I understand why the regulars from the Comments section urged me to read Knave of Dreams while I’ve been checking out Norton’s earliest published novels, notably The Prince Commands. Knave of Dreams is a relatively late entry, from 1975. There are forty years of novels and stories between the two, and whole worlds discovered and created. And yet the roots are the same: the Ruritanian Romance that was so much in vogue when Norton was a brand-new writer.

Young Andre played her fanfic straight: setting The Prince Commands in the classic imaginary European country. Mature Andre had been writing fantasy and science fiction for decades, and had a wide array of storytelling tools to choose from. Knave of Dreams is a Ruritanian adventure in the sense of the royal impostor from America swept away to the foreign kingdom and thrown headlong into complicated court intrigue. It’s also an alternate-worlds story and a kind of portal adventure.

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“We didn’t pull any punches.” R.F. Kuang on Her Next Novel, The Burning God

R.F. Kuang made a splash in 2018 with her debut novel, The Poppy War, an epic military fantasy about a young woman named Rin, who finds herself in the midst of a brutal war.

Loosely based on real-world Chinese history, The Poppy War earned Kuang nominations for both the Nebula and World Fantasy Awards. She followed up that book last year with The Dragon Republic, and in November, she’ll close out the trilogy with The Burning God.

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All the New Fantasy Books Arriving in April!

The castle burns behind you, but from the bow of your ship, you can see the stars for the very first time.  Around you, a crew of pirates begin to sing an old sea chanty. For the first time, you feel at home, and you aren’t afraid. This month’s fantasy titles are all about conquering fears in service of a better life: Protect a book club of women in Grady Hendrix’s The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires;  change what it means to be human in the next installment of the Founders trilogy from Robert Jackson Bennett, Shorefall; and learn what happens after you save the world in the adult debut from Veronica Roth, Chosen Ones.

Head below for the full list of fantasy titles heading your way in April!

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Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Elogium”

Written by Jimmy Diggs & Steve J. Kay and Kenneth Biller and Jeri Taylor
Directed by Winrich Kolbe
Season 2, Episode 4
Production episode 118
Original air date: September 18, 1995
Stardate: 48921.3

Captain’s log. Chakotay stumbles on two crewmembers smooching in the turbolift. This prompts a conversation with Janeway on the subject of fraternization. Meanwhile, Paris helps Kes carry some cabbage from hydroponics to Neelix’s kitchen, prompting a jealous snit from Neelix.

[It appears we have lost our sex appeal, Captain.]

Series: Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch

Netflix Unlocks a Second Season For Locke & Key

After spending years in production hell, Netflix began streaming its adaptation of Locke & Key earlier this year. The show departed from the comics it’s based on in some significant ways, and ended up on a big cliffhanger.

Fortunately, we won’t be left hanging: Netflix announced today that it was officially bringing the series back for a second season.

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If the Vampire Lestat Was Your Boyfriend…

If Lestat was your boyfriend, he would cry a lot. Like, a lot. He would cry crimson tears because all vampires weep blood for extra theatrical effect, thank you Anne Rice.

If Lestat was your boyfriend, he would never want to break up. Ever. That’s not a good thing. He is just too intense for even an immortal relationship. Lestat doesn’t understand that all mortal relationships inevitably end, whether by breakup or till death do us part, and since all vampires were mortal once, well, you get the picture. All other vampires seem to be cool with breakups. Except Lestat.

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Six (Technically Seven) Weird Horror Movies to Stream While Hiding out at Home

With a sudden and slightly shocking amount of time to kill, some people are taking to social media to do the pushups challenge. Others, the shots challenge. Me? I’m doing the “watch and catalog every movie I never had the time to watch” challenge. I’ve been digging deep through my streaming platform watchlists and a sleek little spreadsheet I maintain like a bonsai tree to find movies long past their time in theaters, cult classics only available behind a paywall, or foreign films with subtitles that I was always too tired to follow.

As a human collective, we’re going through some strange changes these days. Based on my own experience, the best thing to do is to not just focus on using our newfound time to be productive, but to find joy, too. I love watching—and sharing thoughts about—movies, especially SFF/H. If you do, too, get started with this list, and I hope it brings you a little bit of something good.

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Brent Spiner Says Star Trek: Picard Was His Final Bow as Data

Brent Spiner has been playing Lieutenant Commander Data since 1987, which means he’s starred as the character (on and off) for a whopping 33 years. Of course, for a lot of that, he was working on other projects, but he returned to reprise his role in the first season of Star Trek: PicardNow, in the light of the events of the season finale (SPOILERS, obviously, at the link), the actor says he’s finished with his three-decade-plus tenure once and for all. Speaking to TV Guide, the actor revealed that he will not be reprising the role for future Star Trek projects.

Spoilers for Star Trek: Picard season 1 ahead. 

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Another One of Them New Worlds: Revisiting Forbidden Planet

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: A United Planets starship manned (we’ll get back to that) by an elite crew, on a multi-year mission at the borders of explored space, arrives at a seemingly desolate planet. They very quickly discover the planet is not quite as desolate as it seems; there’s something there that may endanger the ship.

Sounds like an episode of the week for Paramount’s beloved SF television franchise. Nope! It’s…

[Forbidden Planet!]

Dragon’s Lair Is Getting a Netflix Movie, Possibly Featuring Ryan Reynolds

Good news for everyone who spent their tween and teen years playing Dragon’s Lair in the ’80s: The Hollywood Reporter writes that the classic arcade game is getting a live-action movie adaptation, courtesy of Netflix. But that’s not all—according to the publication, Ryan Reynolds is in talks to star and produce.

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