Did You Want More Cloverfield Movies? Well, You’re Getting One

It is pointless to fight with the franchise machine, as the franchise machine always wins. It wins even for franchises that were last seen making baffling films such as 2018’s The Cloverfield Paradox, which, yes, I stayed up to watch after the Super Bowl. Yes, I regretted that choice. (The cast was great! The movie was not.)

But here we are again! Deadline reports that Paramount, hot for revived franchises in the wake of the latest Sonic and Top Gun films, has another Cloverfield project on deck. This one will be directed by Babak Anvari (I Came By) and written by Joe Barton, with the original Cloverfield team of producer J.J. Abrams, writer Drew Goddard, and director Matt Reeves among the producers.

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The Rings of Power Makes Us Cry With a Wandering Song in Episode Five: “Partings”

A lot happens in this week’s episode of The Rings of Power. Some of it is redundant, but all in all the show continues to gather steam, and does a particularly good job in “Partings” with developing themes of hope, help, and facing difficult choices.

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Netflix Announces the Specific Wednesday On Which Wednesday Will Premiere

It was a given that Wednesday would arrive on a Wednesday. But Netflix took its sweet time letting us know exactly which one, teasing only a fall release date—and, of course, the many perks of attending Nevermore Academy, the alma mater of Wednesday Addams’ loving parents, Gomez and Morticia.

Now you can mark your calendars: Wednesday arrives on November 23rd.

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Meg Elison’s Number One Fan Rewrites Misery for the Modern SFF Publishing World

One of the most unforgettably chilling moments in Number One Fan, Meg Elison’s gender-swapped update of Stephen King’s horror classic Misery, happens in the opening pages: Urban fantasy author Eli Grey has just gotten into a rideshare with a male driver, only to get a notification that her female driver has cancelled her ride. Rather than note that red flag, Eli automatically assumes that she must have booked two rides—whatever makes it her fault for the mixup, and not worth confronting why a strange man might have picked her up at the airport. As the ride stretches on uncomfortably, Eli twists herself into mental knots justifying her mistake rather than looking for any malevolent intent. And then she gets roofied and wakes up in the basement of—you guessed it—her number one fan.

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Tom Hopper and Gabrielle Union Join Emma Roberts in Space Cadet

It’s pretty much impossible to read the description of Space Cadet and not think, “Ah, so kind of like Legally Blonde but with space?” As Variety puts it, writer/director Liz W. Garcia’s film is about “a Florida party girl who turns out to be the only hope for the NASA space program, after a fluke puts her in training with other candidates. They may have better resumes, but not her smarts, heart and moxie.”

(To be fair, though, Elle Woods’ legal success was no fluke.)

Emma Roberts (Scream Queens) will star as this moxie-filled cadet, and the cast has just filled out quite interestingly.

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Queer Filipinos Save the World: Dauntless by Elisa A. Bonnin

Elisa A. Bonnin makes a powerful debut with Dauntless, a lush and emotive Filipino-inspired fantasy centered on three very different girls reimagining the entirety of their world. This is a book about reckoning with the humanity in our mentors, our heroes, our lovers, and ourselves, especially in times of great trauma and impossible choices. Bonnin weaves cinematic action with emotive sapphic romance and thoughtful friendships to craft a propulsive fantasy. 

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Dragons Remember, and Do Not Forget: Revealing Dragonfall by L. R. Lam

We’re thrilled to reveal the cover of bestselling author L.R. Lam’s new epic fantasy, Dragonfall, coming in May 2023 from DAW / Astra. Long-banished dragons, revered as gods, return to the mortal realm in the first book of this riveting trilogy. Long ago, humans betrayed dragons, stealing their magic and banishing them to a dying world. Centuries later, their descendants worship dragons as gods. But the “gods” remember, and they do not forgive…

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Falling for Language, and Translation as Destruction: R.F. Kuang’s Babel

It’s rare that a book title so perfectly communicates the breadth of its story at a glance. But when R.F. Kuang’s book deal was first announced in 2021, how could we not spend the intervening year eagerly waiting to crack the spine on Babel: Or the Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators’ Revolution? It tells us everything to expect tonally but also nothing of the emotional journey that will take place in this alternate-history fantasy doorstopper.

This is a scrupulously researched, ruthlessly cutting rejoinder to books like Donna Tartt’s The Secret History, except that the murder around which this cohort of students is bound in blood is the attempted fall of colonialism. (Well, and also a literal murder. Several, really. It’s a very bloody book.)

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I’m Not the Me I Used To Be — Star Trek: Lower Decks: “Reflections”

Back in “First First Contact,” Rutherford got a stray memory that indicated that his cybernetic implants were not obtained voluntarily, but that whoever put them in programmed him to believe that it was an elective surgery.

This week’s Lower Decks gives us a lot more background on Rutherford, and it’s not pretty, though it does provide us with some actually really good character development.

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She-Hulk Drops New Hints About Its Real Villain in “Just Jen”

It’s a self-contained wedding episode! With a fourth-wall-breaking joke about how it comes at an inconvenient time because weddings always do!

Do they? Don’t you generally get a lot of time to plan to attend a wedding? Did Lulu put this together in two weeks? With that elaborate of a bridesmaid-invitation box?!? 

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David Cronenberg’s Scanners Is Getting the Series Treatment

A powerhouse team is bringing David Cronenberg’s 1981 film Scanners back to life—this time as an HBO series. Black Mirror and Stranger Things writer William Bridges is the writer and showrunner for the in-development series, and Yann Demange is set to direct. Demange directed the pilot episode of Lovecraft Country, for which he was also an executive producer.

Cronenberg himself is also part of the production as an executive producer.

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