Bad Guys and Good Guys in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s “The Whole World is Watching”

In the comics, Sam Wilson is a social worker, as established in Captain America #134 by Stan Lee & Gene Colan in 1971. When the character first appeared in the MCU in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely’s script militarized him, making him ex-Air Force, but kept the social-work aspect by making him a counselor to military folk.

That aspect of his backstory is front and center in the fourth episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and it gives us one of the best scenes in the series so far.

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The New MST3K Kickstarter Reached Its $2 Million Goal In Only 36 Hours

MST3K is BACK, baby! And this time it’s creating its own streaming platform! Once again, we have Kickstarter to thank for bringing us more movie riffing. On Wednesday April 7, Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson launched a new Kickstarter campaign to bring the show back again on a custom streaming platform if they could reach $2,000,000 raised in 30 days.

Only 36 hours later, the goal had been met.

Which means that we’ll be getting at least 3 new episodes with the current cast in 2022! Also, we’ll be getting a Gizmoplex!

Wait, what?

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Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Warhead”

Written by Brannon Braga and Michael Taylor & Kenneth Biller
Directed by John Kretchmer
Season 5, Episode 25
Production episode 219
Original air date: May 19, 1999
Stardate: unknown

Captain’s log. For the fourth night in a row, Kim is in charge of gamma shift. He and the conn officer, Ensign Jenkins, banter for a bit on the subject of how seriously one should take the overnight shift, when they receive a distress call. Kim orders a course change toward the call to discover that the planet it comes from has no lifesigns.

[I have to complete my mission!]

Series: Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch

Free Tor EDU Event Series Aims to Demystify Publishing

Starting in May, Tom Doherty Associates—the parent company of Tor, Forge, Tor Teen, Starscape, Nightfire, and Tordotcom Publishing—will present Tor EDU, a free virtual event series designed to familiarize people with the publishing industry in general and with the specifics of working in genre fiction.

Tor EDU will act as a virtual primer on what every facet of the industry entails. Every three months, a new panel of experts will discuss a different aspect of the business and answer audience questions with an eye towards making involvement in the literary ecosystem more accessible to all.

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Traumatic Moments From SFF We Watched as Children

Movies and TV shows aimed at children are always a delicate mix of cutesy innocence and potentially weighty subject matter—kids might get bored of endless sunshine without any conflict, but go too dark and you risk mauling delicate sensibilities, Return to Oz-style. And kid-friendly SFF can be tricky to navigate for even the most well-meaning guardian, after all what harm could be lurking in a puppet-filled fantasy adventure? Of course, there are also the traumatic moments we inflicted upon ourselves, staying up late only to peep at the screen through our fingers. Even if you had a storybook childhood, the odds are low that you escaped without being emotionally sideswiped by an intense moment or two…

We’ve polled our extended family, and gathered up the moments that shaped us into the warped creatures we are today.

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Orphan Black: The Next Chapter Is Now a Free Podcast

Last week, the serial storytelling platform Serial Box became Realm, and with that change came the news that some of their series would be available as free podcasts. Now, you can listen to Orphan Black: The Next Chapter on your choice of streaming platforms. The Next Chapter is the official continuation of the BBC America show’s story, narrated by its star, the unbelievably talented Tatiana Maslany.

In The Next Chapter, Maslany is back playing all the sestras—Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena, and more—in a story set eight years after the events of the TV show. Everything changes (of course) when they find there are even more clones than they ever suspected.

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An Adaptation of Ian Rogers’ Every House Is Haunted Is Coming to Netflix

Spider-Man director Sam Raimi is among the producers of Every House Is Haunted, a movie adaptation of one of the stories from Ian Rogers’ collection of the same name. The specific tale, “The House on Ashley Avenue,” concerns an insurance investigator who doesn’t believe that a couple’s death was caused by a haunted house—but the things he sees (and the input of a psychic) challenge his certainty.

Deadline reports that there were several bids on the film, and Netflix was the winner.

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Five SF Stories That Embrace the Scientifically Improbable Reactionless Drive

Recently, physicists around the world were astounded to learn that painstaking testing of the visionary EmDrive revealed that the device produces no discernable thrust. By “astounded,” I mean “not astounded” and by “visionary,” I mean “almost certainly nonsensical from word one.” A cynical physicist might say the EmDrive produces thrust by violating conservation of momentum. This is unfair, because the EmDrive does not produce thrust at all.

One can understand the attraction of a reactionless drive. It comes down to the rocket equation, which presents steely-eyed rocket persons with a choice between annoyingly limited delta-v (and accordingly restricted choice of orbits), or exhaust streams energetic to a degree we don’t currently know how to manage.

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