A Waterworld TV Series Is in Development

Amidst the rush to remake and revitalize older franchises for movies and streaming services, there have been plenty of older classic films that have endured the reboot / remake / continuation / reimagination treatment. Take your pick: Battlestar Galactica, Terminator, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Westworld have all been in and out of theaters and on TV in the last twenty or so years, while new projects about The Last Starfighter and Willow are currently in the works.

Now, there’s word of another film that will be brought back: Kevin Reynold’s much-maligned 1995 film Waterworld (pictured above), which Collider reports is getting a streaming series that may serve as a continuation on the story.

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Revenge Gets Witchy in the Latest Trailer for Brand New Cherry Flavor

Gotta say, I miss the Concrete Blonde from the first teaser. But using a much more common trailer song doesn’t make Brand New Cherry Flavor look any more ordinary. The story of a young filmmaker who seeks revenge on a leering producer, Netflix’s upcoming series promises to be creepy, bloody, and just plain weird. (That toenail image! Get it out of my head!)

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Last Christmas, I Gave You My Head: The Green Knight

David Lowery’s The Green Knight is so beautiful it becomes painful at times. Lush, witty, dreamlike, it retells a 14th Century tale not by updating the story, but by roughing the details up a bit, and making some subtext text. More than anything, it feels like a successor to The Seventh Seal or Robin and Marian, and if you can see it in the theater (safely!), you should.

It also succeeded in knocking the soundtrack to Inside out of my head for two whole hours! A feat nearly as impossible as surviving a beheading.


[never fear, the songs are all back now.]

Announcing Nona the Ninth, a New Addition to The Locked Tomb Series From Tamsyn Muir!

Tordotcom Publishing is delighted to announce a new addition to Tamsyn Muir’s New York Times bestselling The Locked Tomb series with Nona the Ninth.

Nona the Ninth will publish in fall 2022, with Alecto the Ninth to follow in fall 2023. Eagle-eyed fans may have already noticed the shift from The Locked Tomb Trilogy to The Locked Tomb Series in this fall’s paperback edition of Harrow the Ninth, and Tordotcom Publishing is excited to announce this expansion of the beloved series.

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Five Fantasies Drawn From Neglected Histories

Recently, I put my mind to the question of whose histories are used to animate storytelling in science fiction and fantasy. What else might exist as a source of inspiration in this genre, beyond Nordic sagas or Christian mythology? What vistas are opened up when writers of color, or writers from marginalized communities, whose histories are so often neglected, imagine new worlds based on cultures, histories or belief systems they know with vivid immediacy?

Do writers from these communities turn to science fiction and fantasy partly because there are very few spaces where they see their stories told in ways that seem authentic and familiar? These five books are by writers who aren’t just writing their resistance: they’re writing their worlds into being.

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HBO Max Is Adapting Fledgling, Octavia Butler’s Vampire Novel

It’s been quite the July for Octavia Butler. Earlier this week, word broke that A24 was adapting her novel Parable of the Sower as a film, while earlier this month, FX/Hulu’s adaptation of Kindred tapped Janicza Bravo to direct Mallori Johnson as lead role of Dana Franklin in the pilot.

Today brings word of another Butler adaptation in the works: HBO Max is adapting her vampire novel Fledgling for a series.

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Writing the Unknowable in Strange Beasts of China by Yan Ge, Translated by Jeremy Tiang

As a diaspora Chinese reader, plumbing the depths of Yan Ge’s Strange Beasts of China, translated to English by Jeremy Tiang, is at once warmly familiar and exhilaratingly alien. Set in a fictionalized version of Yong’an city (or perhaps, it seems a pseudonym for an archetypal anycity), somewhere in an alternate dimension, it tells a beautifully-threaded story of Yong’an’s titular beasts through the eyes of a zoologist-turned-novelist with a penchant for booze and impulsive decisions.

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The Future Is Half-Written in Laura Sebastian’s Half Sick of Shadows

This isn’t the year of Arthurian retellings and revisitings, because there can’t be only one. The king and his affiliated tales have come before and he’ll be back around, cyclical as nature. But it’s definitely a year for Arthurian stories, from the way E.K. Johnston weaves The Fisher King into Aetherbound to the anthology Sword Stone Table to the upcoming The Other Merlin to, of course, Dev Patel in The Green Knight. I’m sure there are more; these are just off the top of my head.

In the middle of these sits Half Sick of Shadows, a story both familiar and not. The names, you know: Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Morgana, Elaine. There are, it turns out, a lot of Elaines, and this one specifically is Elaine of Astolat, also known as the Lady of Shalott. But like anyone playing in the Arthuriana sandbox, Laura Sebastian tweaks things. In this novel, the story belongs to Elaine—the past, present, and future of it.

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Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Unimatrix Zero, Part II”

“Unimatrix Zero, Part II”
Written by Mike Sussman and Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
Directed by Mike Vejar
Season 7, Episode 1
Production episode 247
Original air date: October 4, 2000
Stardate: 54014.4

Captain’s log. After getting highlights from Part I, we see Janeway, Tuvok, and Torres all assimilated by the Borg—but apparently retaining their personalities, thanks to a neural inhibitor the EMH gave them. They don’t know how long this inoculation will last, and they need to get to the central plexus to upload the virus that will allow the drones who visit Unimatrix Zero to retain their individuality when they wake up.

[That is not compromise. That is surrender.]

Series: Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch

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