Two Worlds. Two Minds. One Life. Revealing Twice Lived by Joma West

Torn between two families and two lives, a troubled teen must come to terms with losing half their world…

We’re thrilled to share the cover of Joma West’s Twice Lived, a novel about family and friendships, about loss and acceptance, and about the ways we learn to deal with the sheer randomness of life—available February 2, 2024 from Tordotcom Publishing.

Two Worlds. Two Minds. One Life.

There are two Earths. Perfectly ordinary and existing in parallel. There are no doorways between them, no way to cross from one world to another. Unless you’re a shifter.

Canna and Lily are the same person but they refuse to admit it. Their split psyche has forced them to shift randomly between worlds—between lives and between families—for far longer than they should. But one mind can’t bear this much life. It’ll break under the weight of it all. Soon they’ll experience their final shift and settle at last in one world, but how can they prepare both families for the eventuality of them disappearing forever?

Cover design by Fort; Photo © Getty

Joma West is a third culture writer whose work straddles both fantasy and science fiction. Growing up bouncing between countries has given her work a certain displaced flavor and you can see many African and Asian influences in her writing. Joma’s novella, Wild, won the 2016 MMU novella award and her 2022 debut novel, Face, was met with acclaim. She lives in Glasgow.


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