Guillermo del Toro’s Frankenstein May Star An Incredible Trio of Actors |

Guillermo Del Toro’s Frankenstein May Star An Incredible Trio of Actors

Guillermo del Toro could take a minute right now, if he wanted—a victory lap after his latest Oscar win for Pinocchio. But no: According to Deadline, he’s in talks with an impressive lineup of actors who may star in a live-action Frankenstein, which del Toro will write and direct for Netflix.

Who? Well, a horror icon, a Spider-Man, and Moon Knight walk into a bar…

Deadline reports that del Toro has met with Andrew Garfield, Oscar Isaac (pictured above in Moon Knight), and Mia Goth, and “each is on board to star.” It’s not clear who will play which role, though Deadline says “it is believed Goth would be playing Doctor Frankenstein’s love interest.”

Obviously, on some level, del Toro, Frankenstein, and this cast is a match made in monster-movie heaven. But this is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein we’re talking about, and it is a bit difficult not to wish that maybe a woman could get a shot at writing and/or directing a new Frankenstein adaptation.

It is del Toro, so one simply can’t predict what this script will do. Perhaps the good doctor will be explicitly in love with his creation? Perhaps Goth will play Doctor Frankenstein? Fingers are crossed that del Toro will not fail to surprise. [ed note: fingers are crossed that Andrew Garfield’s and Oscar Isaac’s characters end up on an Arctic ice floe together, with only each other for warmth.]

Deadline is quick to note that “del Toro is still working on the script and no formal offers have given to any actors.”

Frankenstein has no release date as yet.


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