New DC Studios Regime May Have Axed Wonder Woman 3 |

New DC Studios Regime May Have Axed Wonder Woman 3

When James Gunn and Peter Safran were named as the new heads of DC Studios, it was safe to assume the duo would bring about some changes. But as The Hollywood Reporter writes, “A cleaning of the slate is common when a new executive team is put in place to run a studio or division but there is likely little precedent for the amount of Clorox James Gunn and Peter Safran could spray as they prepare to launch DC Studios.”

And reportedly, one of the first things to get wiped off the board is Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3.

THR was told by multiple sources that “Wonder Woman 3 is not moving forward and is considered dead in its current incarnation.” This is, to put it plainly, a terrible look for a studio that so recently decided Batgirl wasn’t worth releasing. Obviously, no one knows yet what plans Gunn and Safran might have for other female DC characters. But while Wonder Woman 1984 was a huge stumble, the first Wonder Woman movie was huge, and Gal Gadot’s version of the character has been a mainstay through several other DC films.

Some of those films may be on the chopping block too—or at least the actors in them. THR says there are plenty of rumors and theories flying around, including some that cast doubt on the future of Henry Cavill—who just announced his return as Superman—and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. (One theory is that Momoa might end his time as Arthur Curry but reappear in the DC universe as Lobo.) What this means for the actors’ cameo appearances in The Flash is unknown; THR notes, “A Warners insider cautions that no plans have been finalized and that Flash remains an unlocked picture.”

There is also the question of a sequel to Black Adam, which may or may not make any money in the end.

Reportedly, Gunn and Safran have been holed up in Colorado working out their plans for DC Studios’ future, and will meet with execs next week to present their schemes. It’s possible this may include a plan for an interconnected universe, which seems wild given how exhausting the Marvel multiverse is getting, but sure, great, let’s have more movies that focus too much on connected plots and not enough on character.

But one thing is (probably) safe: Matt Reeves’ Batman-iverse, with its sequels and spinoffs. Yay?


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