Willow Series Will Tell Us What Happened to Elora Danan

We’re only a day away from the Willow series premiering on Disney+, and we’re finally getting some details on the show’s storyline.

During a press conference to promote the new Disney+ series (via Collider), Willow showrunner and co-writer Jonathan Kasdan shared that the upcoming episodes would also address what the heck happened to the wee baby Elora Danan after the end of the 1988 film.

“[The storyline] evolved out of the conversations that Ron [Howard] and I had on the set of Solo,” Kasdan said. “One thing we always knew was at the core of it was, what became of Elora Danan? We thought that was a subject with a lot of promise. The movie ended with a bittersweet moment of Warwick kissing this baby and then saying, ‘Okay, goodbye. I’ll never see you again.’ As an eight-year-old, I was like, ‘What do you mean, they’re not going to live together, and they’re not going to have a life together? How is she going to find out about all this stuff that happened to her?’”

Kasdan continued saying that that point “felt like a great jumping off place for a series,” and added: “We knew we wanted this question to be right in line with that. We knew we wanted this question about, who was protecting her, and was the best way to protect her not telling her who she was? That felt in line with a lot of George [Lucas’] other stories about people discovering their unique heritage or specialness, as they go through their lives. With this particular show, which is so much about growing up, that seemed like a theme that made total sense to us.”

We’ll get to get the details on what happened to Elora in just a few short hours! The Willow series premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday, November 30.


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