Marvel’s Armor Wars Will Be a Movie Instead of a Series

At the end of 2020, Marvel announced that Don Cheadle would return to the role of James Rhodes/War Machine in Armor Wars, a Disney+ series. Two years later, the battlefield looks a little different: We’ll see Rhodey next in Secret Invasion, which comes to Disney+ next year. And Armor Wars is on the way to the theater instead of your living room.

At last month’s D23 convention, Marvel only revealed a new logo for Armor Wars, and confirmed what was already pretty clear: that Cheadle will return. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the story is now in the works as a movie, with the series’ head writer, Yassir Lester, becoming the movie’s screenwriter. According to THR, “Sources say the studio was committed in getting the story told the right way and in that process realized that a feature was better suited for the project.”

All that’s known about the plot is a single line from Marvel: “A classic Marvel story about Tony Stark’s worst fear coming true: what happens when his tech falls into the wrong hands?” The title comes from a 1980s Iron Man comics arc written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton.

No director is attached, and it’s also not known where Armor Wars will fall in the Marvel release schedule.


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