Peter Capaldi Is Time Traveling Again (Maybe?) in Trailer for The Devil’s Hour

Is Peter Capaldi a serial killer or a time traveler? That’s one of the questions that’s posited in the new trailer for Prime Video’s The Devil’s Hour, a show that features Capaldi as a guy named Gideon who may or may not be murdering people.

Curious to learn more? Here’s the show’s official synopsis:

The series follows the story of Lucy, played by Jessica Raine, who is woken every night by terrifying visions at exactly 3.33am: the devil’s hour. Her eight-year-old son is withdrawn and emotionless. Her mother speaks to empty chairs. Her house is haunted by the echoes of a life that isn’t her own. When Lucy’s name is inexplicably connected to a string of brutal murders in the area, the answers that have evaded her all these years will finally come into focus. Peter Capaldi plays a reclusive nomad, driven by a murderous obsession. He becomes the prime target of a police manhunt led by compassionate detective Ravi Dhillon, played by Nikesh Patel.

That description doesn’t give us too much about Capaldi’s character, though the actor has said his character, Gideon, is someone who has “fallen through the cracks and is responsible for some serious crimes. But he is not what he appears. He belongs to the night.”

Belonging to the night has some Batman vibes to it, but I’m pretty sure that Gideon is not, in fact, the caped crusader in disguise. Raine has also said that her character, Lucy, is “on the brink of insanity,” which is understandable since she’s trying to sort out what the heck is going on with all the murders in her life.

The Devil’s Hour comes to us from Tom Moran and is produced by Hartswood Films, the company behind Dracula and Sherlock. We’ll be able to watch the mystery untangle (hopefully), when the six-part series starts streaming on Prime Video on Friday, October 28.


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