Sometimes Dreams Do Come True: Keanu Reeves Is Starring in a Constantine Sequel

In a truly excellent example of “sometimes we can have nice things,” Keanu Reeves is returning to the role of troubled supernatural exorcist/master of the occult/sometime detective John Constantine.  The long-wished-for sequel to 2005’s Constantine will reunite Reeves and director Francis Lawrence, who in the meantime made a few little movies you might have heard of (Catching Fire, Mockingjay).

Deadline broke the news, noting that Akiva Goldsman (taking a break from his various Star Trek duties) is writing the script and producing the film alongside J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghella. Abrams had been developing a Constantine reboot for HBO Max, but according to Variety, that show is now dead along with a Madame X series—though both could still be picked up by another network.

Other important details—such as whether Peter Stormare and Tilda Swinton might return as the Devil and the angel Gabriel—have yet to be announced. Constantine had an incredible cast (including Rachel Weisz, Djimon Hounsou, and, somehow, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale) and proved that an adaptation does not have to be obsessively accurate to a comic to still be a damn fine movie. (Sorry to those of you who just really want John to be blonde. At least you got Matt Ryan for that!) As Leah Schnelbach wrote when revisiting the film at its ten year anniversary, “The biggest way Constantine works is by using Hellblazer as a jumping-off point, rather than a stone-carved outline to be slavishly followed. In doing so, it creates a moody piece of modern, metaphysical noir.”

We will be anxiously awaiting further news on casting and premiere date. In the meantime, you might revisit some highlights from the 15th anniversary reunion.


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