New Interview With The Vampire Trailer Confirms That the Show’s Lestat and Louis Do, Indeed, F*ck

I admit many here were a bit skeptical about the upcoming television series adapting Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire. The first trailer teased Louis and Lestat’s lustful connection, but this trailer makes text what was mere subtext in the first.

“He was my murderer, my mentor, my lover, and my maker,” Louis (Game of ThronesJacob Anderson) says about the vampire Lestat (Sam Reid) in the clip. We see all versions of their relationship in this trailer, and we also see more of their “daughter,” Claudia (Bailey Bass) who ultimately drives a rift between them.

Based on the trailer, it also looks like Claudia’s origin comes from her almost dying in a fire. This differs from the books, where she’s close to death from the plague. What looks the same, however, is that Lestat is the one who ultimately turns Claudia in order to keep Louis from leaving him. What a healthy relationship!

Last but not least, we also see part of the titular interview taking place, with Louis having a conversation with journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian) about how he met Lestat in 1910 (a different time period than the books), became a vampire, and all that followed.

The series was created and written by Rolin Jones (Perry Mason), and has Rice and her son Christopher as executive producers.

We can sink our teeth into Interview With The Vampire when it premieres on AMC+ on Friday, October 2, with the first two episodes available that night.


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