Pretending to Have Superpowers Is “Very Embarrassing Actually” and Other Adorable Notes From Iman Vellani’s AMA

Ms. Marvel has ended its first season, which means that at long last, star Iman Vellani can talk (somewhat) freely about her character, her story, and that major last-episode reveal. And she did all of that and more in a Reddit AMA yesterday, answering questions about everything from which side Kamala Khan would have taken in Civil War to her favorite comics to what it’s really like to stand in front of a camera and pretend to have superpowers.

The answer to that last one is, in short: it’s goofy.

it is very embarrassing actually, ill paint the pic for ya:

uncomfy flashy supersuit, cant pee, cold Atlanta nights, bright lights, you must wear a giant sith lord esque cape to protect from the paps, you stick out like a sore thumb, you take off said cape, now ur cold and everyone is staring, you stand tall and suck in ur stomach, now purple led lights shine at you and you pretend this stuff is coming out of you but in reality it is dead silent and you are making weird grunting noises because what does “hard light” actually sound like?

But hey! im a superhero so that trumps everything :)

Vellani has a lot of enthusiasm and opinions about what she’d love to see in the MCU (including a Kamala/Wolverine dynamic and a Silver Surfer story), and her own love for all things Marvel is apparent—both in her depth of knowledge and in her first “conversation” with MCU mastermind Kevin Feige:

There was [no] conversation at all.. I stared at him until he had to leave. And then I cried in my trailer for a hot minute

Eventually, communication became easier. Superhero (actors): they communicate in memes just like us!

I was having an argument with Nia Dacosta about seeing hobgoblin in that first NWH trailer and asked kevin if it was him or just Norman and he sent me the gif of norman saying “you know i’m something of a scientist myself” then i sent the frodo gif of “all right then keep your secrets”

riveting conversations….

The whole AMA is here, and is absolutely delightful.


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