A Marvel Wonder Man Series Is in the Works With Shang-Chi Filmmaker & Community Writer on Board

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton is making good on his exclusive multi-year deal with Disney and is set to executive produce and most likely direct a few episodes of the upcoming Disney+ show, Wonder Man.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cretton will be joined by Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Community writer Andrew Guest, who will serve as head writer on the series. Cretton, of course, also has another Disney project on his plate—the Shang-Chi sequel.

Wonder Man is an older Marvel character, first appearing in October, 1964’s The Avengers #9. Wonder Man supposedly died in that issue, but came back in several issues in the mid to late-1970s and then again in the mid-80s and beyond.

Wonder Man is also known as Simon Williams, a man who inherits a munitions factory that is losing business to Tony Stark. After going to jail for embezzlement, Simon agrees to infiltrate the Avengers after Baron Heinrich Zemo and the Enchantress post his bail. He thus becomes imbued with ionized superhuman powers like superstrength and durability. Wonder Man has a change of heart, however, and ultimately turns on the supervillains and becomes a superhero himself.

We don’t know anything about what the series will focus on, but given Guest’s comedy credentials, it’s a decent bet that the show will have a humorous tilt to it. Things are still in the very early days for the Wonder Man series, however, though THR says it could go into production sometime in 2023.


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