Rival Chosen Ones: Announcing A Fate So Cold by Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman

Tor Teen is pleased to announce the acquisition of A Fate So Cold, the first book in an original and cutthroat YA fantasy romance duology, co-written by the New York Times best-selling authors of All of Us Villains, Amanda Foody (Ace of Shades) and Christine Lynn Herman (The Devouring Gray). A Fate So Cold is set to publish in Winter 2024.

“Set in a world where magicians bond with immortal, semi-sentient wands, A Fate So Cold delivers another rich magic system interwoven with a tale of prophecy and betrayal, all against the backdrop of magical natural disasters, deadly winters, and political intrigue. And as you can probably tell, A Fate So Cold is a true blend of fantasy and romance, with both Domenic and Ellery narrating the story. Fans of Margaret Rogerson, Shadow & Bone, and—of course—All of Us Villains will love this book,” says duo Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman.

A Fate So Cold introduces the nation of Alderland, where of the three hundred and eighty-six wands in the nation, Valmordion is the most famous and the most feared. Tremendously powerful and unspeakably dangerous, it has only bonded with a magician when a great cataclysm looms on the horizon. Now, for the first time in over two centuries, it has awakened once more. Domenic Barrett has witnessed the price of power firsthand and sworn never to seek it—but destiny does not grant him a choice as he is horrified to discover Valmordion has chosen him. Ellery Caldwell has spent a lifetime diligently striving for a wand in order to help protect her country from its destructive magical winters. When Valmordion chooses someone so undeserving, so ungrateful, Ellery creates a brand-new wand, a feat no magician has accomplished in known memory. Now, as the two most powerful magicians in Alderland, Domenic and Ellery are faced with the seemingly impossible task of discovering the cataclysm and thwarting it. But amidst icy natural disasters, political unrest, and brewing romance, each of them is confronted with an unthinkable truth. Domenic believes the cataclysm is Ellery. Ellery believes the cataclysm is Domenic. And their only option to see their destinies fulfilled and Alderland saved is for one to kill the other.

After meeting during 2016 Pitch Wars, Herman and Foody became fast friends who went on to read and critique each other’s work, which eventually lead to them co-writing their first duology together, All of Us Villains. “After the fun the two of us had working on the All of Us Villains duology, we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate again on a brand-new series. And this time, we’ve embraced another of our favorite tropes: Chosen Ones. Rival chosen ones who are star-crossed lovers, to be exact,” say Foody and Herman. “Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman make pure magic together. Their stories radiate power and purpose. It only took a few pages of A Fate So Cold to cover me in goosebumps and drop my stomach through the floor. You’ll never look at a ‘chosen one’story the same way again,” says Ali Fisher, executive editor at Tor Teen.

A Fate So Cold is slated for Winter 2024 publication, and the sequel for Winter 2025. Whitney Ross at Irene Goodman Literary Agency represented Amanda Foody, and Kelly Sonnack at Andrea Brown Literary Agency represented Christine Lynn Herman. Rights sold to Ali Fisher, Executive Editor.


Amanda Foody is a New York Times and indie bestselling author of YA and children’s fantasy novels, including the All of Us Villains duology, the Wilderlore series, the Shadow Game series, and more. You can find her updates on Instagram @amandafoody or on her website.

Christine Lynn Herman is the New York Times and indie bestselling author of novels about magic, monsters, and growing up, including All of Us Villains, the Devouring Gray duology, and The Drowning Summer. Christine resides in Somerville, MA with her partner and cat. To learn more, follow them on Instagram @christineexists, sign up for Christine’s newsletter, or visit their website.


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