Evil Season Three Trailer Reveals That Things Are Still Batsh*t In The Best Way Possible

Evil is coming back! The Paramount+ show will be invading our eyeballs in less than a month, and we’ve now got a trailer set to the music of Björk that teases us about the deliciously bizarre things that will happen in the upcoming episodes.

David Acosta (Mike Colter) is now an ordained priest. And while the day-to-day of some of his duties—like sipping soup with his fellow clergymen — don’t look that exciting, it appears that his nights with a “Kristen” (Katja Herbers) with a forked tongue are quite interesting.

Based on the trailer, it also looks like demons are keeping themselves busy—we see one working out on an elliptical, another at the foot of Sheryl’s (Christine Lahti) bed, and another straddled over a newlywed couple having marital relations. And then, of course, there was the demonic being at the very end of the trailer, who looks like he’s about to enter Kristen’s bedroom.

Everything, in other words, is still completely batsh*t. And I’m here for it! This show is amazing, and this video is also just really well-made. Sometimes good things happen, and one of them is this Evil trailer.

What’s even better, however, is the actual show! We’ll be able to see Colter, Herbers, Lahti as well as their co-stars Aasif Mandvi and Michael Emerson once again when Season Three premieres on Paramount+ on Sunday, June 12.


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