Crossbones and Nyssa al Ghul Will Fight Werewolves in Year 2

Are we entering a new era of supernatural beings? Vampires are dead (just kidding; the Anne Rice adaptations are about to bring them back), so long live werewolves? There’s going to be a Marvel Halloween special with werewolves, and now Deadline brings word that yet another werewolf tale is about to begin howling at the moon—er, the production schedule. Starring Katrina Law (Arrow‘s Nyssa al Ghul, above) and Frank Grillo (the MCU’s Crossbones), the awkwardly titled Year 2 features werewolves loose in a small town.

This is in no way related to Werewolves Within, which was also set in a small town, but was based on a game.

It sort of makes sense that we’re shifting away from urbane, glamorous vampires to werewolves, which seem to like to hang out in damp forests (hi, Twilight) and generally have a more outdoorsy and rural sort of vibe. Are we not all feeling a bit feral after the past couple of years? Still, it’s a bit odd that Law’s character is a “brilliant geneticist,” as that seems like an unusual career to have in a small town. She “goes on a dangerous journey with Grillo’s character to saved loved ones, against a ticking clock.”

Year 2 is written by Matthew Kennedy (Inheritance) and directed by Steven C. Miller (Line of Duty). It begins production this month, so no premiere date to mark on your calendars just yet.


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