The Black Phone Is Dialing Up the Scariness Factor

There’s another trailer out for The Black Phone and it’s pretty terrifying, even if you’re not afraid of phones.

I kid, of course. There is a phone in this film, but that’s not the scariest part about it (though it is kinda creepy). The movie comes from Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson and is an adaptation of a story by Joe Hill that revolves around a creepy mask-wearing serial killer (Ethan Hawke) kidnapping a boy named Finney (Mason Thames) in the 1970s.

While the first trailer emphasized the role that Finney’s sister Gwen (Madeleine McGraw) plays in trying to find him (she has mysterious dreams where she sees clues as to where her brother may be), this trailer focuses more on the titular old, disconnected black telephone.

It’s through this phone that the serial killer’s previous victims call him and try to help him escape. As in the first trailer, we also get scenes of old found footage, presumably the former victims, that gives the movie a bit of a Blairwitch touch to go along with the strong IT and Stranger Things vibes the movie is giving off. All those elements seem to be coming together into a suitably scary movie, one that guarantees you will never look at rotary phones, part-time magicians, or black balloons the same way again.

The Black Phone rings into theaters on June 24, 2022.


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